for the sheer joy of it

There wasn’t a lot of music in my house when I was growing up. My mum favoured “Greatest Hits” type classical music and singers like Frank Ifield and (cringe) Cliff Richard. My dad owned some Nat King Cole and George Shearing (but not much of either); which I thought were really cool. We also had lots of “Scottish” music of the particularly sentimental variety.

So my musical taste has been formed by friends and boyfriends and it is — quite frankly — all over the place. I used to be a bit embarrassed by this, but now I’ve just just come to accept that “that’s who I am.”

Maybe it’s because of this patchwork approach and my lack of the sort of tribal loyalty to particular genres that tends to emerge in teenagers, I respond to music in a very simplistic way. Some things just move me. I could analyse it, but generally I choose not to.

So I’m not going to write an essay about Poi E. I’m just going to say that it is one of the most joyous pieces of music I know and let you decide for yourselves. I’m interested to hear what you think.

Also check this out. It’s from the movie Boy and I think it does a brilliant job of taking spirit of Poi E into the 21st century.

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