Daily Prompt: Million Dollar Question


Why do I blog?

1. I’ve got a fidgety brain.  I need to write because it seems to be the only way to channel the fidgeting; to get the ideas that won’t shape themselves in my head somewhere I can see them and construct some sort of sense. It’s cerebral knitting. And yes, I do the actual kind too to stop myself grinching fabric and picking at my fingernails.

2. I’m basically sociable. I like talking to new people; having them become part of the narrative I’m constructing. And more importantly, I love sharing in other people’s stories. My mum can go for a bus ride into town and come home with eight strangers’ life stories. I used to both marvel at that and be slightly freaked out by it. But you know what? I’m becoming my mother – only I’m riding the cyber-bus.

3. I like technology. I used to keep a journal which got filled with photos and newspaper clippings, but with a blog I can have video and links to other writers’ and ideas and all sorts of cool stuff. It’s way more exciting to produce, and a much more interesting reader experience. I’ve worked as a writer/document designer and I feel really strongly that (kind of like how we eat with our eyes first) we read pages as a whole visual thing. Text is increasingly image and the more I can make those images appealing, the better.

Nuff said!

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Million Dollar Question

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  4. So glad you reblogged this as I hadn’t seen it when first posted. (I wasn’t blogging or reading blogs yet back then.) How long ago did you start blogging? Did you start with Zimmerbitch or Shaking the Tree?

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  5. Not sure if you’ll even see this comment because it’s an older post, but I love your answers. They fit the entire personal blogging spirit perfectly, and I love how you really “get it” re the wp.com community thing. It’s always great when I hear about people who have found support and a comfortable place at wp.com because that isn’t always the case. Nuff said! lol

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