Where architecture meets painting by way of sculpture … another riff on ‘Surface to Surface’

Since I posted some photos of Brendan Moran’s ‘Surface to Surface’, I’ve thinking quite a lot about the work and playing with some photo-editing (Ultimate Photo Editor Lite) to try and achieve a more “painted” effect.




Thanks to Sally at Lens and Pens by Sally for her phoneography theme: Architecture.


Where architecture meets sculpture by way of painting … perhaps

All of these images are of aspects of an installation by Brendan Moran called Surface to Surface. At the moment it’s being exhibited at the Wallace Arts Centre in Auckland.

The work consists of two forms constructed from sheets of painted MDF (medium density fibreboard), slotted together. The interlocking pieces create three-dimensional planes that echo the architecture of modern life.

I’ve edited the images to emphasize line, angle and shadow. All were taken on an iPhone4 and edited with Ultimate Photo Editor Lite.





A thousand thank yous


This little message popped up in my feed last night and I’m pretty chuffed!

ZimmerBitch started out last September as a bit of a giggle – a side-project from my family history blog Shaking the Tree. I wrote a couple of posts then forgot about it until earlier this year.

But thanks to you – visitors, readers, likers and comment-leavers – ZimmerBitch has become really important to me. It’s become my space to think through and get feedback on issues that matter to me (like learning to parent my teenage son). Your generosity in reading my musings and offering thoughtful, funny and helpful comments is humbling.

And – quite unexpectedly – ZimmerBitch has re-awoken my interest in photography. The weekly challenges posed by The Daily Post, Lens and Pens By Sally, Where’s my Backpack and A Word in Your Ear have all inspired me to dust off my camera or whip out my iphone and pay more attention to the world I live in. Not only am I taking more photos, I’m also editing them (especially those from my phone) to create images that I am proud of.

So thank you all – my blogosphere whanau*. A thousand thank yous in fact.

su for blog

*Whanau is a Maori word that means family, but not merely or necessarily in a biological sense. It’s about the communities of care that we build, and I feel very connected to this community.

Tropical dreaming

It’s cold this morning; ugg boot cold. So I have quite mixed feelings about Sue’s Word a Week being “tropical.”

On one hand, I look out of the window and see two or three more months of winter; on the other hand it is nice to remember the last time I had a tropical holiday – in Tahiti almost three years ago.

As there is no tropical escape on the horizon for me; today is about dreaming.

My bitten hand

“There are times when parenthood seems nothing more than feeding the hand that bites you.” Peter De Vries

The boy-child had a hissy fit the other day. A real storm out of the room, “I don’t have to listen to this shit from you” hissy fit.

For the purposes of this post it doesn’t matter what it was about (shoes, actually), because of course it was what parents and kids generally fight about – boundaries. It was a territorial dispute, a skirmish into the no-man’s land that constitutes much of the space between teenagers and their parents.

What matters is that I felt hurt and angry and I handled it as badly as the boy-child. The skirmish was on the brink of becoming a war.

Normally, I remember that I’m the parent and I go and make things better. I apologise for my shitty behaviour, and he apologises for his and détente is achieved. But this time we were both too pissed off. We didn’t talk to each other for the rest of the day, and only really made up because the big T. couldn’t stand the thought of the two people he loves best being so mean to each other.

When I say we made up; we both apologised and (I thought) listened to each other’s point of view and agreed some compromises. Turns out we apologised, I listened to his point of view and I made some compromises.

Now, just short of a week later, we’re back in the same place. Only this time I feel really hurt and angry. War is looming! Continue reading