Six word Saturday: toothache



Anti-biotics. Soft food. Damn wisdom tooth.


Word a week: pink

The association of pink with femininity is relatively new historically, but still pretty well entrenched.  The Nazis used a pink triangle to symbolise and stigmatise homosexuality; the gay community has since appropriated the colour pink and turned it into a source of power and pride.

In clothes, pink isn’t really me. Blame my colouring, but apart from a bit of a magenta phase, I definitely tend towards the orange end of the fashion spectrum.

I quite like pink in fabric though.

Because of the degrees I’ve chosen, pink has been the colour of graduation.


But pink for me belongs in nature; in sunrises and sunsets – and of course flowers.

Sue, at A Word in Your Ear, has given us pink as this week’s word. You can see her photos here, and check out some others you might like at:

On Miley Cyrus and Racism

Since the words “Miley Cyrus performing” are sufficient to make me leave the room, I didn’t see the spectacle discussed here. It doesn’t matter; the argument is much bigger and more important than that.

The Belle Jar

So this happened last night:

… and the internet (predictably) exploded.

And just to be clear, I agree that what Miley did was frankly disgusting, but not for the reasons that you might think.

Most of the criticism of Miley’s VMA performance has focussed on her attire and dancing style, with people claiming that her dress (or rather, state of undress) and sexual movements were vulgar, degrading and slutty. Quite a few people mentioned that her parents must be ashamed; there was a lot of discussion about how sad it was that sweet, innocent Hannah Montana had come to this. I saw a lot of derisive remarks about how Miley wants attention at any cost; some even went so far to say that Miley is sick and that this behaviour was a cry for help.

Then, this morning, I watched a fuckton of white feminists totally ignore the racist aspects…

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Focus: thinking of Spring on a grey winter’s day

It’s rained a lot today and the sky is leaden. It would feel a bit depressing if I hadn’t noticed the first buds on the plum trees and these pictures in my “pics I’ve taken to cheer me up” photo archive.

This week’s Daily Post  photo challenge theme is focus.

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Phoneography Monday: black & white

b&w art poster shot

Capturing the photographer in the act of capturing the image. Photo taken on iPhone 4 and edited with Ultimate Photo Editor Lite.

The Auckland Art Gallery is currently hosting California Design – an exhibition of furniture, jewellery, clothing, industrial design and architecture from 1930-65.

Amidst work by Charles and Ray Eames, Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul László and Saul Bass was this brilliant poster by Louis Danziger for New York School: The First Generation exhibition, 1965.

We snapped a shot for the boy-child who missed the exhibtion, but we knew would love the poster.

This week’s Phoneography Monday theme from Lens and Pens by Sally is black & white.

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