Focus: thinking of Spring on a grey winter’s day

It’s rained a lot today and the sky is leaden. It would feel a bit depressing if I hadn’t noticed the first buds on the plum trees and these pictures in my “pics I’ve taken to cheer me up” photo archive.

This week’s Daily PostΒ  photo challenge theme is focus.

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20 thoughts on “Focus: thinking of Spring on a grey winter’s day

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      • Sony Cyber-shot; not quite point-and-shoot, but limited ability to adjust for manual shooting (and I’m rubbish at remembering what all the little dials and bits do). My son has a Canon 550D which I’m hoping he’ll tire of and let me have. I’ve been hinting that he could upgrade (he’s a photography student), but he so loves that camera. 😦


  2. We have late summer and today I feel like I could do with a bit of cheering up. Your wonderful presentation put a big smile on my face, thank you! πŸ™‚
    Big hug from far away


    • Thanks so much. I think I could happily spend my days photographing beautiful, colourful flowers. New favourite place is the Wintergarden at the Auckland War Memorial Museum – two fantastic “Crystal Palace”-style greenhouses. Heaven!


    • No problem. I enjoyed your photo. I have to confess I did a double-take on first glance. The web looked like a bullet hole in glass. Then I realised I’ve watched too many CSI programmes πŸ™‚


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