Word a week: pink

The association of pink with femininity is relatively new historically, but still pretty well entrenched.  The Nazis used a pink triangle to symbolise and stigmatise homosexuality; the gay community has since appropriated the colour pink and turned it into a source of power and pride.

In clothes, pink isn’t really me. Blame my colouring, but apart from a bit of a magenta phase, I definitely tend towards the orange end of the fashion spectrum.

I quite like pink in fabric though.

Because of the degrees I’ve chosen, pink has been the colour of graduation.


But pink for me belongs in nature; in sunrises and sunsets – and of course flowers.

Sue, at A Word in Your Ear, has given us pink as this week’s word. You can see her photos here, and check out some others you might like at:










4 thoughts on “Word a week: pink

    • Thank you. The fabric store was in the the textiles area of Montmarte and I found myself stopping every few minutes to take more photos of the wonderful colours and textures.


  1. Interesting your historical comments about pink……it is only since the 1920s that pink for girls, blue for boys came into being. Prior to then the colours were the exact opposite, which was news to me when one of my students stated the fact. Pink in nature…yes I agree.


    • It is interesting isn’t it. I only learned that recently too. It just shows how quickly we can accept something as having always been. Thanks for stopping by and commenting; much appreciated.


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