Ten Things Tuesday: small unexpected pleasures

I’ve been away from home for two weeks now and have had some wonderful experiences; meeting my newest nieces and nephews, visiting friends and relatives, and discovering more about my family’s past. But there have also been many small pleasures; good coffee, interesting people, fine architecture and beautiful views.

So here, in no particular order, are ten of the little pleasures that have helped to make my days so enjoyable:

Twilight view of The Sage, Gateshead


Lunch at The Olive Branch Cafe, Alnwick; where the owner know how to make coffee the Kiwi way!


First sight of Edinburgh Castle on a crisp autumn morning


My wonderful room at the Seascape B&B; Lower Largo, Fife.


The Scottish National Portrait Gallery; fantastic building – never mind the art.


Bust of Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh.


Oak roasted salmon, orange, pomegranate and snow pea salad; Pizza Express, Edinburgh.


Sunrise; Lower Largo, Fife


Early morning on the stone bridge at Tyringham, Buckinghamshire.


The sanctuary knocker; north door, Durham Cathedral.


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