10 Things Tuesday: Hobsonville hiking songs

Early morning walk: Hobsonville, Auckland.

Early morning walk: Hobsonville, Auckland.

Although I love music, I don’t listen to a lot. I work in silence; usually drive in silence and tend to play music only when I need a certain mood – and then I’m really particular about what I’ll listen to.

The exception is when I’m out walking; then I just tend to put my playlist on shuffle and take pot-luck. One of the things that struck me about today’s playlist was that while none of these would make my Desert Island Discs list, I have at sometime in my life loved all of them and I didn’t once feel the urge to re-shuffle.

1. The Beatles were the first band I ever remember listening to; probably the first grown-up music I ever heard – courtesy of my older cousins.

2. I only knew of Ryuchi Sakamoto from the film ‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence’ until I went to his 1996 concert at London’s Royal Festival Hall. Again, this track isn’t one of my favourites, but I still enjoy it very much:

3. My dad was a George Shearing fan, and although he seldom played his LPs, I remember this from childhood too.

4. Pick a Tracy Chapman song, any song … I like them all:

5. I was a totally uncool teenager, for whom music barely existed. I was vaguely aware of girls in my class going a bit mental for Gary Glitter and David Cassidy, but I couldn’t really figure out the attraction. I do remember liking this, so obviously it was the music rather than the musicians I liked.

6. I first heard the Hollies ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother’ when I was about 12 and a teacher played it to us in an English class. I didn’t particularly like it until this version was released, and although I am probably being appallingly sentimental, I love it:

7. There was a time when I thought SuperTramp were gods:

8. For me this song will always be about a rainy day picnic at Piha, West Auckland.

9. No words required; just one of the greatest bands ever:

10. As above, one of the greatest song-writers ever:


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