Phoneography challenge: star of light

Capturing Christmas?

Christmas Star. Photo: Su Leslie 2013

This year we’ve abandoned the traditional Christmas tree (to which we are all slightly allergic) for a minimalist “light -tree”. Not only are we itch and sneeze-free, but it takes up no space and doesn’t shed needles everywhere. Still trying to figure out what to do with our star,  but short-term it’s sitting under the “tree” – where I’ve been photographing it.

The Christmas Star

The Christmas Star. Photo: Su Leslie 2013

I’ve played with stripping out all the colour from the shot then adding a little back with a filter. I quite like the way that such a limited colour palatte emphasizes the light source in the shots.

These photos were taken with an iPhone 4 and edited with Photo Editor by Aviary, and this post was written in response to Sally’s weekly phoneography challenge at Lens and Pens by Sally.

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9 thoughts on “Phoneography challenge: star of light

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    • Thank you Janet. We’ve really enjoyed our “light tree” and have found we don’t miss the real thing too much. Well, maybe the smell of pine .. a little bit!


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