Juxtaposition: on being reminded how far we have travelled

It is one month until the boy-child’s sixteenth birthday and I am beginning to find all around me, reminders of his route to this place – this symbolic jumping-off point to adulthood.

For various reasons (which I wrote about here), I recently opened the box of keepsakes, those “tokens’ of his life that I have squirreled away over the years. I found myself washed over by a huge wave of remembrance and nostalgia. The boy-child was around, but fairly uninterested in penguin-patterned onesies, Christening mugs and “Congratulation-on-the-birth-of-your-son cards.

He did however, consent to have this photo taken – his skateshoe-clad foot alongside the very first “hard” shoe he ever owned.

This post was written for the Daily Post weekly photo challenge and is also the first in my own “countdown” to the boy-child’s birthday.

Here are some other juxtapositions that I have enjoyed:






















29 thoughts on “Juxtaposition: on being reminded how far we have travelled

    • Thank you; nothing like a public commitment to make me see this through. It does feel like a big deal to me. He’s heading back to school today after the summer holidays – his final year (he skipped one, which is why he’s quite young for a Yr13) and full of ideas and plans. 🙂


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