Keeping busy and building the skill-set

Donna Turtle Sarten, 'Black and White and Red All Over', 2012. Photo: Howard Williams.

Donna Turtle Sarten, ‘Black and White and Red All Over’, 2012. Photo: Howard Williams.

It has been a truly manic few weeks. Somehow I’ve juggled the boy-child’s 16th complete with self-imposed blogging countdown, working on our house to get it ready for sale — and working on a website re-launch.

Last year I joined the Board of New Zealand Sculpture OnShore – a non-profit which stages a large biennial outdoor sculpture exhibition to raise funds for Women’s Refuge in New Zealand. My brief is to look after marketing the event. One of the key goals we wanted to achieve was to update and upgrade our website. It was the first time I’d been involved in every aspect of website design — and I’ve loved every minute of it.

NZ Sculpture OnShore is holding it’s 10th exhibition in November this year, so our website is going to be vital to the way we promote the event. Please pop over (click here) and have a look at what we do, see some of the artists’ work from the 2012 exhibition – and find out more about Women’s Refuge. As the year goes on, we’ll be adding more content and hope that we can build a buzz around this wonderful exhibition — which has so far raised $1.34million for the victims of domestic violence in New Zealand.




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