Auckland town hall and AUT building. Photo: Su Leslie 2013

Auckland Town Hall and AUT building: an artist’s impression. Photo: Su Leslie 2013

If you saw this picture in a gallery, you might be quite charmed by it. It shows the Auckland’s Town Hall and part of the Auckland University of Technology campus – a contrast of old and new buildings, which depending on your perspective on architecture you might love or hate. Or you might just enjoy the way the artist played with perspective.

But step back; to a new point with a new perspective and you can see that you won’t be hanging that painting on the wall any day soon.


Auckland Town Hall and AUT Building; reflected in a plastic chair back, outside the bar in adjacent Aotea Square. Photo: Su Leslie, 2013.

This post was written for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. You can find out more about that here. And here are some other posts on perspective that I’ve enjoyed:

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From another perspective

22 thoughts on “From another perspective

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  2. Thanks for the mention! Very clever interpretation of this week’s WPC – the reflection in the back of the chair looks quite impressionist!


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  6. Well done with your interpretive image. The first image would make Picasso proud….the tenuous nature of reality reflected in the reflective back of a chair. Reality , as your photo illustates so well, is always open to interpretation. Thanks for sharing.


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