sunglasses painted

Sunglasses stall, Takapuna Market. Photo: Su Leslie, 2013. Edited with Pixlr Express.

Does it make sense to talk about reality, when we see ourselves mainly in reflection? And if we take away the notion of real – then distortion becomes a bit redundant too. I liked this photo, but thought I’d edit it to make it “less real” for this challenge. A statement about what how we see the world, or just a bit of fun?

I also like this song by Little Man Tate, variously called ‘Reflection in his Sunglasses’ and ‘Audrey Hepburn.’

He thought they fell in love
He thought they shared a moment
He thought she was looking deep into his eyes
Right into his very soul
But she was just checking her hair in the reflection of his sunglasses

— Little Man Tate ‘Reflection in his Sunglasses’

This post was written for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. Here are some others on the subject that I enjoyed:

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Reflection and distortion: too close to call

17 thoughts on “Reflection and distortion: too close to call

  1. Bravo!. I like the approach and the personal philosophy you employed in this photo. Making your subject matter “less real” is a creatively unique approach. A camera’s lens takes an almost clinical image of its subject matter. The eye of the photographer instills life, passion and a hint of insight in the human condition with every shutter click. Thank you for sharing this. Good work.


    • Hi. Thanks! I used Pixlr Express. Within the “adjustment” menu there is a “stylise” option. It was the “silk” option in that. Some photos seem to look really cool with that filter – others, meh.


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