Anah Dunsheath, 'The Art of Conversation'. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014.

Anah Dunsheath, ‘The Art of Conversation’. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014.

The Big T and I took a detour out to the Wallace Arts Centre yesterday and saw this in the garden. Anah Dunsheath is an Auckland-based artist (and antiquarian book dealer) whose painting and sculptures play with perspective and paradox. She says of her work:

Visual transformation and optical illusion are the key elements of Anah Dunsheath’s practice. Her works feature pronounced perspective and an often paradoxical relationship between 3-dimensional space and 2-dimensional surface.

I’d seen this piece before, but never with the light in exactly the right place to create the perfect shadow.

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8 thoughts on “Six word Saturday: clever, funny – the art of conversation

    • Hi Doda; thank you. Not sure I can claim any credit for creativity for this photo. It is unedited; the work itself creates the shadow. The artist works in stainless steel, cutting out the basic shapes which are then set against walls, etc to recreate the images in shadow. She’s very clever. I hope all is well with you. πŸ™‚


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