Feeling a bit like a swing in a storm; buffeted, out of control and ultimately pointless. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014

Feeling a bit like a swing in a storm; out of control and ultimately pointless. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014

The black cloud has been hovering for a while and none of my usual fixes are working. I guess I’ll just be riding this one out.

Luckily, other bloggers have much more cheerful Six Word Saturdays to share. Here are some that I liked:

Six Word Saturday















Six word Saturday: if I could show you depression …

29 thoughts on “Six word Saturday: if I could show you depression …

    • Thank you so much Alison. I’ve been here many times before and have come to realise that sometimes it just has to get really bad before it gets better – no matter what I try to do. πŸ™‚


  1. Your photo is a pretty good illustration, Sue. My mum’s side of the family often lived under that black cloud too, and my son-in-law is on medication for life to help him ‘find normality’. Not an easy road. I feel for you.


    • Thanks Jo. It’s definitely got easier over time – mainly because I can acknowledge it and don’t feel so judged. πŸ™‚


  2. Hope you are out of the darkness, or at least keeping it a bay. I’ve been in a real good place (most of the time) for a few years now. I think empty nest and semi-retirement has been very good for me. Art is very healing for me, but finding my way there can be so difficult when I am stuck in the thick of it.


    • Hi Linda. Thank you; this week has definitely been better. I’ve made a conscious effort to eat better, sleep more and do things that I enjoy. I would love to do more art. I have lots of projects percolating in my head. What stops me is not having space to work. I can create space, but then I have to put everything away and get it out again, and put it away … so I tend to do projects that are either quick, or don’t need space (like blogging). Thanks again for stopping by, and caring. πŸ™‚


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