A moment of solitude in a favourite place

Sun rise at Waiake Beach, Auckland, NZ. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014. Shot with iPhone4, edited with Pixlr Express.

Sun rise at Waiake Beach, Auckland, NZ. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014. Shot with iPhone4, edited with Pixlr Express.

It’s not been a great week one way or another. The black cloud hasn’t entirely lifted, I’m doing too many things at once, and the boy-child has glandular fever. So it was nice to escape this morning to enjoy a walk and the sunrise. Waiake Beach is a little gem, tucked between two much more popular and better known beaches. Once upon a time I lived just up the road, and this view greeted me most days. Now it’s a rare treat; and one that was much needed.

As Sally at Lens and Pens by Sally knows, I’m a city creature; most likely to be found in art galleries, theatres and cafes. But when the theme of her Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge is Nature, I make the effort to notice the natural world around me. Today, I’m particularly glad I did.

Here are a few other bloggers’ Nature shots that I enjoyed:















13 thoughts on “A moment of solitude in a favourite place

    • You’re welcome. You’re right; it’s the little things that make days worthwhile. The boy-child seems to be doing pretty well considering. Thanks for your kind thoughts 🙂


      • Thanks Su. It’s summer over here .. 30 degrees and heaps of sunshine .. so it’s going to be a hot and beautiful weekend 🙂 I’ll meet some friends and we wanna drive to a lake to swim and relax a little bit. Monday is a holiday so it’s also a long weekend and Tuesday I’ll start my new job 🙂


      • Congratulations Anja. I hope your new job works out really well. Hope you have a wonderful (long) weekend; and the weather stays good. 🙂


  1. Beautiful view and I’m glad that you could get into nature for some nourishment and nurturing. Mother Nature’s ability to soothe the human condition is part of her charm and seduction. Happy Photo Challenge.


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    • Thank you Raewyn. The boy-child is doing pretty well; much better than we expected, and I’m mainly ok too. How are you? I hope you are getting support and help with everything you need. Hugs 🙂


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