My new Kiwi passport arrived today, less than a week after I applied for it. Gotta love NZ Govt online.

Now of course, I want to use it!

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is Fresh. Here are some other interpretations that I enjoyed:

Travel theme: Fresh

Travel Theme: Fresh Seafood on Lamma Island, near Hong Kong

Travel Theme: Fresh

Travel theme: Fresh

Fresh Squid on Sihanoukville beach

Fresh – Travel Theme Photos

Weekly Travel Theme: Fresh

Travel Theme: Fresh





Fresh out of the envelope

12 thoughts on “Fresh out of the envelope

    • Thank you. I won’t have much chance to go anywhere until after the sculpture exhibition in November. Then … the boy-child finishes school and … well, who knows!


  1. Wow, the world is your oyster now. Good to dream about destinations abroad. I have done enough travelling to last a life time – I spent 15 years abroad and I have visas and passport stamps from countries that don’t exist now. I am quite happy to watch others do their travelling now. πŸ˜€


    • Hi Raewyn; I also lived overseas for a while, but I feel as though I’ve been “stuck” at home for so long now I really want to travel again. Probably not this year, but next is looking promising. πŸ™‚


  2. Ok, that’s the fastest passport turnaround I’ve ever heard about! Woohoo. It’s like a seed planted and will be growing in the dark of your files and all of a sudden the trip will blossom and voila!


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