100 days of word fun


I am going to have FUN!

I am going to have FUN!

I’ve just signed up for the 100 Days Project – ‘cos I’m not busy enough at the moment, right?

So for 100 days – between 11 July and 18 October – I’ve undertaken to do one creative exercise every day and share the result on my project page and probably my social media channels.

I’m not going to bombard you all with every little doodle, but I am going to use this blog to reflect on the journey and share some of the cool things my fellow 100-day-ers are doing.

I’ve been pondering for a couple of weeks just what my creative exercise would be but somehow at about 5.30 yesterday morning, it all became clear.

Su on 100 Days

I work with words; as a copywriter, blogger, researcher. And over the years I’ve realised that I write better when I have a visual context for the words. That’s a fancy way of saying I’m crap at writing drafts!

I write better headlines if I’m typing straight into the ad; better website or blog copy when I’m on the page, and better reports and articles when I use a tool like Publisher that shows me how readers will see my words.

So for my project, I’m going to take a word a day and visualise it. Maybe take a photo or draw something; maybe put it with other words in some form. Maybe I’ll turn the word itself into an image. I’m not sure quite how it will work. I just know I’m going to have fun.

Su on 100 Days




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