When still images don’t quite paint the picture

Last night Auckland was hit by another storm – our third in as many months. Now these are not catastrophic events, but for those whose houses have lost roofs and suffered water damage, who have no electricity and are blocked in by fallen trees – the storm has wrecked the kind of havoc that will impact their lives for weeks and months to come.

We have been especially lucky this time. While the last two storms left us without electricity for a while; this time – so far, so good. We are warm, dry and safe and surrounded by still-standing trees which have spent the night bowing before gale force winds. It is calmer today and the flora in our neighbourhood seems to have largely survived. But the view from my window is largely of trees – and today they continue to sway and dance to the howling gusts of a storm that may have reached its crescendo, but not the finale.

Photos simply don’t do justice to the movement and sound of tall slender manuka trees being whipped about by the wind; but I think video might.

This afternoon I found myself at the beach, watching foam – churned up by the waves – being blown onto not only the beach itself, but the grass reserve and on to the road beyond. In this case, still images captured some of the magic, but again, I think video does a better job.

Foam blown over the sea-wall and onto the grass, Mairangi Bay Beach, Auckland, NZ. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014. Shot with iPhone4.

Foam blown over the sea-wall and onto the grass, Mairangi Bay Beach, Auckland, NZ. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014. Shot with iPhone4.

Sea-foam blown across the park at Rothesay Bay, Auckland, NZ. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014. Shot with iPhone4.

Sea-foam blown across the park at Rothesay Bay, Auckland, NZ. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014. Shot with iPhone4.

This theme of the week’s phonography and non-SLR photo challenge at Lens and Pens by Sally is nature, and I’m trying something a bit different. As well as still images I’m posting the videos I shot on my phone and edited with MovieMaker. I’m interested to know what you think of moving images as part of this challenge.


And here are some other participants’ response to the theme:















13 thoughts on “When still images don’t quite paint the picture

  1. Oh, I’m relieved that you did not suffer any more effects from the storm. We have a strong summer storm last night, but the kind of rain that is sorely needed. I certainly understand the trepidation about having huge trees around you. Your images show the magic of nature. I especially enjoyed the one that shows the sea foam, which is nicely captured. I like the delicacy of your depiction. Great idea to post videos along with the stills. Now I’ll go and watch them. Happy Photo Challenge.


    • Thanks Sally. I’m glad you’ve had some much-needed rain. I did really enjoy the whole video-shooting thing. It just seemed right for the day and the theme.


    • Thank you Sally. I loved the wind just moving in the trees; but I’ve learned not to shoot in portait because it doesn’t fill the frame properly. Oh well; next time. 🙂


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  3. Beautiful videos! I loved them both along with the music you chose to accompany. I’ve not tried video on my blog, and I’ve only taken a couple of videos with my phone while we were in Mexico last fall. I’ll have to practice, you’ve inspired me. I’m glad you’re ok and didn’t suffer any damage from the storm. Take care.


    • Hi Angeline. Thanks; we are fine although it doesn’t look like the wind will die down anytime soon. I really enjoyed shooting the little videos. It’s not something I’ve really done either. My son is the film-maker! 🙂


  4. Well done, Su. I agree that the flying foam was quite something and I like the music you chose. Bill keeps saying we need to get a YouTube account so we can post videos but so far we haven’t done anything about it. Glad you’re safe and sound. We’re in France right now and getting rain every day. Hopefully next week will be better but the rain was needed. No big storms, at least where we are, though, so that’s good.



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