Today I really feel that I have no words left over. I’m thirteen days into my 100 Days Project, and it is challenging.

But he random word generator has been kind and I’ve been mostly happy with the results. I’m finding that while I originally imagined doing things “to” the words, what actually seems to happen is that my random word inspires an idea, which then plays off a photograph. It’s the marriage of words and image that excites me.

These are days 6 and 7; “leaf” and “junk.”

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Wordless Wednesday: having fun with my 100 days project

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: having fun with my 100 days project

  1. Wonderful, both the image and the statement. I’m reminded of my younger daughter, who saves all sorts of random things for “a project” that no one else can yet imagine.


    • Thanks! I can relate to your daughter; I have boxes of “stuff” that I intend to use one day. I’m getting better though – lately it’s been digital stuff which is a lot easier to a) store and b) hide from the rest of the family who think I’m crazy πŸ™‚


  2. Hey su! Y here and I was just checking a few blogs and was linked here! The project looks like it is unfolding well… And that window had me looking and looking…. Okay have a nice rest of July! TTYL


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