When all hope seems lost…

I’ve spent the day pondering how I might respond to yesterday’s election; how I might convey my disgust and disappointment that given an opportunity that only comes once every three years, the people of NZ might choose compassion over greed; sustainability over short-term, limited and selective economic “growth.” I still can’t quite explore all the dark recesses of anger and disgust, so I’m sharing this eloquent and passionate post, which says what I would try to, if only I could.

Chronicles of Illusions

My heart is sore. I never thought I would feel so saddened by a country. I never thought I would feel so disillusioned with the people of New Zealand. I never thought I would ache with sorrow for the way New Zealand has become a country of people who worry more about their pockets than the future generations to come.

Last night I had decided to stay away from the news, but inadvertently [well maybe not] found myself seeing New Zealand sink in to the mire. The people of this once great country voted for another term of corruption, another term of money and profits for the big corporations above the health and welfare of this land, its people…its very heart.

To those of you considering immigrating to New Zealand I say this.

This land called Aotearoa is dying. We are not clean and we are not green. We do…

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4 thoughts on “When all hope seems lost…

    • You’re welcome Christine. When I read Jo’s post, I knew I couldn’t express myself better. She just got to the heart of how so many people here feel (though obviously not enough, or we wouldn’t feel like this). I’ve watched Australian politics for a while and been quietly grateful to live in NZ. Not any more! I suspect we will be joining “the war on terror” again any day now.


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