Wordless Wednesday: road trip day #1

Mt Ngaruahoe (right) and what’s left of Mt Tongariro, North Island, NZ. Photo taken from the Bruce Road, Mt Ruapehu. Su Leslie, 2014

En route to visit my dad, I took a detour up Mt. Ruapehu, the North Island’s tallest mountain. It looked like a great day for skiing, but I was content to just crunch around in the snow for a little while.

21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: road trip day #1

        • Do you? I think some sort of economic and strategic union is good; but I think that culturally we are quite different countries and need to retain a sense of sovereignty. Good political decisions (I think I can remember what they are like) come from building consensus, and I think that’s easier when people share a culture and history. Nationhood is such an emotional thing. I look at all the places trying to cecede and wonder how fragmented the world is going to become?


          • As do I for the cuzzies across the ditch! Some of my itchy-footed rellies migrated to Aus, and I have cousins scattered all around the Lucky Country. In fact when you include the diaspora of the Big T’s cohort from uni; we probably have as many good friends in Melbourne as in Auckland. 🙂


          • And so it goes. But you’re right: we need our own histories. I mean, how would it be for your great-great-great-great-grand-daughter, trying to do what you’re doing, if we were combined ?!

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    • 🙂 I’ve decided that my superpower is bringing good weather to places I go. It’s almost always glorious in Welly when I’m there regardless of time of year; same on the central plateau and in New Plymouth. I didn’t know Mt Taranaki’s peak wasn’t usually visible. It’s not a particularly useful superpower I admit, but it means I do get some nice photos.


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