Open windows “ask for it”

My cool niece just posted this, and since I’d heard the same news report and was feeling similarly pissed off about, I’m sharing Nat’s words on this one.

Nat Natters

Sometimes, things really piss me off.

I was driving yesterday, and listening to the news on the radio- a relatively common practice, I believe. The five o’clock news featured a segment about rising rates of male-female assault on the Auckland area, and retold an incident of a young woman who was assaulted by a man who climbed in her bedroom window while she was sleeping. Now, that alone is enough to rile me. But what really got me was the police recommendation that “urged” women to secure their windows if leaving them open at night.

Call me crazy, but this kinda seems like victim blaming to me. What, her window was open so she was asking for it? If she didn’t want to be assaulted she shouldn’t have gone to bed in her own home? Sure, I see the value in taking measures to protect yourself, but is the alternative…

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