15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: stillness, but perhaps not calm

        • The Big T arrived back from a work trip to Detroit yesterday with a really bad case of flu, and has to leave again for Japan on Sunday. Meanwhile the boy is trying to cope with life-after-school with no clear sense of what he’s going to do next. I’m in a tizz worrying about my menfolk, and trying to hold it all together. I’ll be fine when they’re both a bit healed. 🙂


          • The poor bastard ! These BLOODY aircraft diseases !!! And now he’s in danger of getting another one. Words fail.
            As for Little T – I’m told this is something most mums go through. Bet that doesn’t help one iota. :-\


  1. Actually, just writing down what’s bothering me helps. I cope with any sort of crisis or trouble by being practical (being essentially useless at anything too emotional) and there’s only so much i can practically do for either of them. And of course, they don’t need my frustration at it all. The Big T is just exhausted from frequent travel, so it’s a slightly bitter irony that we’re going on holiday to Europe in three weeks.


  2. Su stay calm, your guys will be fine. It’s better your little guy takes time to figure out what he wants to do; rather than taking something on that just isnt’ a “fit” for him. Your “not so little” guy will be fine too. The flu bug is ugly this year; I’ve been sick for almost 2 weeks…. and I wasn’t even traveling. Look after you too! ❤

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    • Thank you Colleen. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick too. Everything I’ve heard about this flu is that it is ghastly — and the Big T is certainly proof of that. He is feeling better and I just have to hope that two weeks in Japan starting Sunday won’t set him back. You are right; the boy definitely needs time to decide what to do next; he’s too young for university (not quite 17) and there are so many options available to him. What he is really struggling with is how to use the gap year. He’s looking for work, and it’s made me realise how different the employment landscape is now from when I left school! Hope you feel better soon. xx Su.


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