8 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: checking in from Bordeaux this weekend

  1. Good to see smiles, even in the rain!
    Never one to miss a little detail- I love those copper light shades on the buildings. Oh France is so stylish, the shops so chic. I could spend far too much money there!
    Thanks for sharing your trip!

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    • Hi Karen. I think the smiles might be fading a bit, as it’s still raining today! I love the copper lampshades too. I’ve been trying to get some shots that really highlight the colour, but no joy yet. Shops closed today, so I’m about to hit the museums! Cheers, Su


  2. So nice to see you posting again and sharing with us your travel experiences,Su Dear!
    Lovely photos scented with French aroma,and a brave boy-child defying any weather conditions!Hugs for the day , Doda ❀ xxx

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    • I can’t believe how much I missed posting while I was away. I started well, but found it difficult later in the trip to find time and enough free internet. The boy-child is off job hunting today. He seems to have come back to NZ a foot taller and much more confident. Big hugs to you Doda. xx Su.

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      • Yes,I know dear Su,I do the same,but then I realize that it’s impossible to keep posting;it really spoils the real purpose of holidays.Doesn’t it ? But,because something is missing,I only tweet away some photos,or visit my fellow tweeps just to say hi,or R/t …
        Best of luck to boy-child,I’m sure something good will come up.Have a brilliant day πŸ™‚ xoxox

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        • Thanks Doda. The boy has been to a meeting this morning to organise a bit of freelance film editing. He has had a couple of photographic assignments like this, and has really enjoyed doing them. And I think working freelance appeals to his entrepreneurial sense. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xx Su.

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