A musical interlude: rainy days, mondays and jam trousers

It started badly, my week. I was expecting the Big T home from a conference in Detroit on Monday morning, but it turned out he’d got the day wrong and instead arrived on Tuesday. Monday was Auckland Anniversary Day — a long weekend — and if I’d known I’d be flying solo for the whole weekend, I would probably have organised my time differently. So while I’m not normally a Carpenters fan, Rainy Days and Mondays pretty much says it all on that score.

When T did get home, he brought with him a horrible flu. He’s spent the week trying to both recover, and play catch-up at work. Menu planning has involved as many variations on nutritious soft food that I can think of, because his throat has been so sore. Our plan to enjoy summer date nights have been abandoned.

The boy-child has been enjoying his last week of holiday, so we haven’t seen much of our little creature.

It’s definitely been a week that’s needed some comic relief.

And of course, this morning the Big T left for two weeks in Japan. He’s better, but not completely, and I’m already feeling a bit lost without him.

This post was written for the Daily Post writing prompt: Playlist of the Week