Release Your Inner Artist

I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity while wandering around new places these last few weeks, and then this morning read this piece by the very talented writer Tish Farrell. It says all I would like to — and so eloquently.

Tish Farrell


We are each of us born brimming with potential, creators in the making. But then something happens – at least for most of us it does. Somewhere between the childhood dreaming, and the adolescent wake-up call we make a decision. For each of us this will be the result of particular, often very painful circumstances, but the outcome will be the same. From that point on we will tell ourselves we are not goodenough, and what we do is not good enough and that even if we toil until the crack of doom, it never will be good enough. We give up. Surrender, often before we have given ourselves half a chance. Somehow – through repeated expressions of contempt, denigration, ridicule, bemusement from peers and elders – we learn that it is dangerous to be too extraordinary, and that if we persist in following our dream we will…

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4 thoughts on “Release Your Inner Artist

  1. thanks for this – and I have seen trash on a few blogs this past few months – Paula’s and a couple others – and now here -so I am going to check her blog out for sure this time – thanks Su – and hope you are having a nice month of March so far… 🙂 ❤

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