Bamboo; the world's largest species of grass. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015

Bamboo hedge. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015

A few years ago, our neighbours chopped down the trees that screened their house from ours. While we get on reasonably well with these people, we suddenly found ourselves staring into each other’s living rooms.

In an effort to achieve some quick-growing privacy screening, we planted bamboo along the boundary.

Bamboo. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015

Grass with foliage? Ornamental bamboo. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015

Bamboos are the world’s largest grasses. In ideal growing conditions, some varieties can grow up to 3 cm per hour. Our bamboo’s growth is rather more modest, but has still manage to create a pleasant screen for both us, and our neighbours.

Young bamboo shoots. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015

Young bamboo shoots. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015

Bamboo shoots, stems and leaves form the principal diet of giant and red pandas, and I have sometimes imagined waking up one morning to find a panda resident in our garden. I wonder what the neighbours would think of that?

This post was written for Ailsa’s Travel Theme at Where’s My Backpack.



Travel Theme: grasses

16 thoughts on “Travel Theme: grasses

    • Thanks Lucile. I’m not too optimistic about the pandas hehe :-). We told the neighbours what we were doing, and assured them it was clumping, not spreading bamboo, and they didn’t seem to mind. But as they had chopped down protected trees, which caused the problem in the first place, there wasn’t much — morally — they could say!


    • We were fore-warned and bought species that clump rather than spread. We’ve seen too many cases of paths and patios destroyed by rampaging bamboo, and didn’t want to risk that.


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