Six word Saturday: thousands marched in protest today #TPPAWalkAway

#TPPAWalkAway. Thousands of Aucklanders take to the streets to protest the secret TPPA negotiations. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015

#TPPAWalkAway. Thousands of Aucklanders gather in Aotea Square to protest the secrecy surrounding the government negotiating the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015

Getting ready to march. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015

Getting ready to march. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015


Stretching down Queen Street; anti TPPA protest in Auckland. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015


#TPPAWalkAway. Thousands of protesters around New Zealand urged the government to reconsider the highly secret TPPA negotiations. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015

What is TPPA (The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement)?


31 thoughts on “Six word Saturday: thousands marched in protest today #TPPAWalkAway

  1. This is a very troubling time. In Canada we’ve been having similar issues with our government exercising excessive power in creating laws and agreements made in secret without discussion or disclosure. What the hell is going on!!


  2. Dammit: you Kiwis are doing what WE should be doing ! What is it about you that makes you so much more responsible than the Aussies ?!
    (Btw; that first frame is quite extraordinary, Su: it looks almost like a painting !)


    • Hi M-R. I despair a bit of my fellow Kiwis most of the time! Despite thousands of people turning up — in the pouring rain — yesterday, the mainstream press is still acting like nothing happened. Glad you liked the pic. I’m always about worried about using HD filters, but the shot was quite dark, and it definitely improved it. 🙂

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      • Clever, you are ! I didn’t know you felt about your own MSM as I do about ours. In fact I blame them for a very large %age of what the LNP gets away with.

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      • I think people here are starting to wake up (a tiny bit) to how complicit the MSM is in sustaining government ideology. I drive my boys nuts ranting about the way “respected” journalists allow ruling politicians to make outrageous claims completely without challenge. Sigh.

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      • ME TOO ! Those bloody moronic pollies stand there are utter total lies, and not a single journo. even asks a question !!!


      • Having done a bit of PR in my day, it seems to me that “journalism” consists mainly of tweeking press releases to fit a word count. And interviewing …. a lost art perhaps?

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      • Yeah; kinda. Winston Peters has been the kingmaker in NZ politics for ever! He used to be a National MP, then started his own party NZ First. He has lots of policies that I find a bit obnoxious; but then I find myself agreeing with him on other things. NZ First conferences tend to look like Grey Power coffee mornings, so I figure I must be getting old.

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  3. I’m applauding wildly on my side of the screen. Both for your country’s determination to demand necessary attention and, of course, for your talent in bringing this all to light with your photography.
    Admirable on both accounts, Su. Rock on.

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