" an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, esp. for comparison or contrast.

How far he has travelled. Photo: Su Leslie, 2014

This photo was taken eighteen months ago, just before my son turned 16. I had been rummaging in the “box of memories” and found his first proper shoes. The boy-child could hardly believe he had ever fitted into something so small.

Since then, his feet have grown more and he has traveled even farther — physically and emotionally. He has graduated high school, vacationed with us in Europe, taken his first solo holiday and found a job he loves. He’s also looking at university courses for next year and is starting to think about buying a car.

So I guess this photo is a metaphor for my son’s journey to adulthood; a journey that he is increasingly taking in huge strides, and in a direction of his own choosing. I miss the little boy who wore those tiny buckled shoes, but I am incredibly proud of the man he is becoming.

This post was written for Ailsa’s Travel Theme at Where’s My Backpack.



Travel theme: feet

13 thoughts on “Travel theme: feet

    • Thank you. And thanks for the link; it’s a depressing read, but may explain why some shoes I bought a while ago and seldom wore simply don’t fit anymore. They’ve never had enough wear to shape themselves to my feet, so I guess they’ll probably never be comfortable 😦 As for the boy-child; I’m sure his feet are even bigger now than in that photo!

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  1. Perfect photo, Su, and one with so many memories and anticipations attached. I enjoyed our girls immensely when they were young and now that they’re older (one out of college for some years, one in her last year), I enjoy them even more, albeit in different ways. I have friends who bemoan their children going off to school or moving out for jobs, but that’s what we raise them to do. It’s so rewarding to see all that time and effort come to fruition!


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    • Thank you Janet. I totally agree; I keep saying to my son that my job is to equip him to leave me. It sounds harsh like that, but he knows what I mean, and I hope that he’ll come back (to visit) because he wants to, not because he can’t cope. Hope you are well. Cheers, Su.

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  2. Most emotive and innovative work dear Su!Hope your boy’s paths in the course of his life are filled with rosy days and every possible success!For us,the dotty mothers,they never grow up in our hearts,but,we very well know that they are free to fly away from our nestles.

    PS :A Big Thank You once again for your generous and influential comments on my recent work!I consider them superb supplementaries to my post!
    PPSS:I don’t know if you use the word “dotty” for mums and dads,a Scottish friend of mine uses it to point out our crazy love for our offspring … Sorry,if you find it offensive,English is not my mother tongue and it’s hard for me to judge if it’s widely acceptable.Thank you πŸ™‚

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