Decaying flower. Wilted but still cololurful. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

Decaying flower. Wilted but still cololurful. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

Though we’re in the midst of spring, I’m feeling very aware of life and death as turns of the same wheel. The blossoms that have been so prolific on our fruit trees are falling; the petalsย  turning brown on the ground. What’s left behind are the tiny fragile fruit-buds which offer the hope of a harvest to come. But caught in this moment between flower and fruit, the over-riding impression is of decay.

Editing this image of wilting flowers; I realise that I feel a kind of melancholy. I’m looking forward to the fruit, but missing the beauty of the flowers.

photo 3

Decaying flower; re-edited to better convey my pensive state. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

This post was written for Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge. This week’s theme is macro.




Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: macro

16 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: macro

  1. Su, as I walked in the park this morning, I was struck (as I am each time) by beauty of the dead plants and the knowledge that the seeds of life are still there, waiting for the right conditions. Even in people, something must sometimes die or be given up in order for the sweet fruit to emerge. I hope you’re feeling less pensive and melancholy by now, too.


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    • Hi Janet. That is so true; especially in people. I think I’m feeling in a kind of limbo, knowing that my current life phase is ending, and chafing to begin a new one. The problem (as always) is trying to make it work for everyone in the family. Thanks so much for your concern, kindness and wisdom. Su. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Su, there is such understated and stated beauty in the many phases of a flower. Your image is an example of the patina that emerges in one of the last stages of a flower’s life. You captured its essence and nature’s ability to woo us with colors even at this point. I enjoyed them both. Happy Photo Challenge.

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