“Let’s take a walk along the beach before the tide comes in …”

Browns Bay Beach with Rangitoto Island in the background. Image: Su Leslie, 2015.

Browns Bay Beach with Rangitoto Island in the background. Image: Su Leslie, 2015.

The title of this post comes from the song “Andy” by Don McGlashan and  Harry Sinclair — otherwise known as The Front Lawn.

Everyone has songs that make them cry; silly, unreasonable tears that flow because words and music touch a chord.

“Andy” has always been one of those songs; a lament for the brother who will never be there to celebrate birthdays, weddings — any of life’s milestones. Walking on the beaches of Auckland’s North Shore — specifically referenced in the lyrics — tends to remind me of this song.



23 thoughts on ““Let’s take a walk along the beach before the tide comes in …”

      • We do have them here; mainly for the more “scenic” beaches. The urban beaches, where lots of people will go for casual visits, tend not to have specific campaigns. But there are rubbish bins pretty well distributed around. So many people don’t use them.

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      • We are having more people littering lately. It’s frustrating. When I grew up there was a nationwide campaign to urge everyone to be respectful. I still remember the add. A native American with a tear rolling down his lined cheek as he gazed at a hillside of trash. I could never litter with that image in my mind.

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      • I’m sure we’ve had anti-litter campaigns, but I don’t especially remember any — certainly none that powerful. What stops me is always remembering — with great shame — an visiting relative (an Australian who lived in Canada) telling me off for dropping an apple core or something when I was about seven. I was so embarrassed to be called out on it. I still cringe at the recollection.

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      • Yes, it was the best thing that could have happened. It came from an adult I respected, and wasn’t impersonal, the way a lot of classroom stuff is. I basically couldn’t shirk responsibility for my actions. I wonder if adults still feel as comfortable telling off others’ children? I do it when I feel I have to, but am always slightly worried the parent will automatically take the child’s side, no matter how blatantly badly the kid is behaving.

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      • That’s so wrong. That is so sad. I tried to talk to a parent once about her son knocking mine to the ground from behind. She tried to deny it happened, but I saw it. She refused to acknowledge in any way that her son had done anything that wasn’t perfectly normal and healthy. I wish I had offered to knock her flat to the ground from behind next time I saw her. Three years later and we still don’t speak to each other. Where do you go from there? I guess you’re right. Some people can’t be real.

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      • That is sadly so common. I was once part of a group that watched in absolute horror as a girl of about three pushed a toddler off a step onto the ground. Both of the mothers were there, and the girl’s mother tried to say it was an accident. You have to wonder!

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  1. Wonderful the image,beautiful shades of blue,lovely texture,dear Su!It’s nicely connected with the video clip and the lyrics of the song.Sad,really sad 😦 Sending my best wishes for a nice weekend ~ I got yours,thank you my friend 🙂

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