House being loaded onto truck for removal from site. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

Moving house; literally. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

Moving house often marks a major transition in our lives.

In New Zealand (and perhaps other countries that build homes out of wood) moving house can literally mean — moving a house. It’s not uncommon to see scenes like the one above. Specialist companies come along and load a house (sometimes having to cut it into pieces first) onto big trucks for relocation. Often it goes straight to the new owners’ site to be re-piled, wired, plumbed, etc. Other times there’s a transition period where it sits with others on a used house lot, waiting for a potential buyer.

This post was written for the Daily Post Photo Challengetransition.


Transition No. 2

27 thoughts on “Transition No. 2

    • Thanks Raewyn. I saw that story too. Interesting proposition given that it’s a brick house. Much harder to move but I suppose where there’s a will … We sold our old concrete water tank on TradeMe. We put a $1 reserve on it, hoping someone would just come and take it away. In the end we got $400 AND the buyer paid for removal. I’m still amazed at what people will buy on TradeMe.


  1. Terrific picture and interesting backstory- a few years back I was doing a architectural survey in eastern NC, on Currituck Sound. I learned that when a structure had to be moved they towed it along the waterways- the roads were still so bad, it was easier to move things by boat.


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