Christmas star. Image: Su Leslie, 2015. edited with Lab

I’m really enjoying our platters of Christmas decorations — a by-product of the minimalist light tree that has replaced our traditional pine Christmas tree. 

Set around the house, these bowls of sparkle are endlessly tempting to photograph.  I particularly like the icicle star which seems to have ended up nestled amongst ribboned baubles and golden tinsel. 

The shot above has been processed with Lab’s Christmas bokeh filter.


Christmas Star. Image: Su Leslie, 2015. edited with Aviary Photo Editor


Christmas star. Image: Su Leslie, 2015. edited with Snapseed.

Christmas is all about creating and sharing memories. Sometimes what stays in our mind can be the smallest thing; a single ornament that stands out, and shines in the evening light. In the two shots above I’ve tried to create a sense of age and memory. In the second I’ve also tried to flatten everything around the Christmas Star. It’s what I want to remember.

This post was written for Sally D’s Mobile Photography challenge at Lens and Pens by Sally. This week the theme is editing and post-processing.

Starlight, star bright

9 thoughts on “Starlight, star bright

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  2. I refuse to choose. (Ooo, I made a little rhyme!) They’re all beautiful and I love Christmas: ornaments, decorations, presents, food, family, the Reason for the season, the whole nine yards. Thanks for contributing to my enjoyment of the season. I also think you’ll enjoy my post tomorrow and you’ll know why when you see it. πŸ™‚


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  3. Oh gosh,I am so behind and have missed most of your brilliant work,dear Su.Fabulous your effectual photos,crystal and light go so well together.Your last photo is sparkling like a star!Happy Holiday Hugs ~ I’ll come for Christmas wishes next week πŸ™‚ xxx


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