Close up shot of purple flower with mass petals and pale lilac stamen. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

“Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet.” — Jeremy Bentham. Image: Su Leslie, 2016, edited with Snapseed.

Surrounded by the accumulated junk of a life lived so long in the same place, I’m beginning to feel a little besieged.

This has been my week for house-cleaning; emptying cupboards and drawers, un-stacking shelves and generally fossicking around to bring into the light stuff that we have acquired during our almost 16 year tenure in this house.

And oh my, there is a lot of it.

I’ve sorted clothes, books, business records, photographs, ‘spare’ crockery and glassware; I even ventured into the very back of the top shelf of the cupboard in the hall (after which I can say that, come the apocalypse, we’re sorted for tea-lights, plastic containers and wine glasses)!

While it is incredibly satisfying to reduce clutter, reclaim space and generally take a weight off the house’s foundations, I have been so engrossed in my task that I’ve hardly ventured outside.

So this week my contribution to Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge is a single shot of a pincushion flower; chosen to remind me that its ok to have a lot of something (in this case petals), as long as all the individual elements work harmoniously together.

I still think I can cull the tea-lights though.




Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: macro

26 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: macro

  1. Su, your insights and introspective commentary are poignant and soulful. The pincushion is apt (as you point out) as a symbol of your current daily travelings–travelings that push inward and build memories of a different sort. Happy Photo Challenge.


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  3. Well done you! Seconds before reading your post I said to John, Well we won’t keep those pot plants over there but I want to keep these. As for our decrepit old BBQ table – the one that’s been part of every summery family celebration for the last twenty years – what will we do with that? At which point we agreed: let’s not think about it right now. So well done you for getting on with the job! As for the pincushion flower – my Mum called them scabiosas(?) – it’s beautiful!

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    • We’ve been procrastinating for so long that half our stuff has fossilised! πŸ™‚ The flowers are properly called scabiosa, but that’s such an icky-sounding name for something so pretty. Though when I think about it … they do look a bit like scabs. And on that note …

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