“And the dance goes on …”

Marlyne Jackson is an Auckland-based artist whose work includes beautiful chandeliers constructed from found glassware, china and household objects (including tea-strainers, lampshades and colanders).

Marlyne has exhibited these chandeliers collectively as “And the Dance Goes On”, often hanging them in trees to be blown in the breeze. I filmed this clip one evening as the wind was beginning to pick up (heralding the arrival the next day of a terrible storm). Scottish folk band Capercaillie provided the soundtrack;Β  Dr MacPhail’s Reel.

Written for the Daily Post Photo Challenge: dance.



20 thoughts on ““And the dance goes on …”

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  2. I don’t know why I pictured free-floating chandeliers–the kind with tear drops hanging from chains sweeping about the arms in drapes like necklaces–but all I could imagine was the shattering effect the storm would have on such a sculpture. I am so glad there isn’t a pile of shattered crystal embedding a lawn somewhere.


    • Actually, that’s exactly what happened to one of them. They were all anchored with cables pinned into the ground, but one cable came loose. Took us ages to clean up all the shards, and so sad to lose such a beautiful piece.

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