Marlyne Jackson is an Auckland-based artist whose work includes beautiful chandeliers constructed from found glassware, china and household objects (including tea-strainers, lampshades and colanders).

Marlyne has exhibited these chandeliers collectively as “And the Dance Goes On”, often hanging them in trees to be blown in the breeze. I filmed this clip one evening as the wind was beginning to pick up (heralding the arrival the next day of a terrible storm). Scottish folk band Capercaillie provided the soundtrack;  Dr MacPhail’s Reel.

Written for the Daily Post Photo Challenge: dance.


“And the dance goes on …”

20 thoughts on ““And the dance goes on …”

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  2. I don’t know why I pictured free-floating chandeliers–the kind with tear drops hanging from chains sweeping about the arms in drapes like necklaces–but all I could imagine was the shattering effect the storm would have on such a sculpture. I am so glad there isn’t a pile of shattered crystal embedding a lawn somewhere.


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