Misty morning at Hobsonville Point. Disused hangar in foreground. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Morning mist clearing, Hobsonville Point, Auckland. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Summer is gone, and with it the enervating humidity, leaving Auckland refreshed by cooling breezes. Like the morning mists which briefly shroud Greenhithe and nearby Hobsonville, this season will also pass. Each morning I am awake early enough to walk solitary in the stillness of these mists feel like a gift. “The moment has arrived.”

If Not Now…

If not now then when
If now today then
Why make your promises
A love declared for days to come
Is as good as none

You can wait ’til morning comes
You can wait for the new day
You can wait and lose this heart
You can wait and soon be sorry

Now love’s the only thing that’s free
We must take it where it’s found
Pretty soon it may be costly

If now now what then
We all must live our lives
Always feeling
Always thinking
The moment has arrived

This post was written for the Daily Post Photo Challenge: half-light.

“If not now… “DP Photo Challenge #2

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