“From little things, big things grow.” Image: Su Leslie, 2012

The boy-child started looking at the world through a camera lens when he was quite young. He made his first videos at primary school, gained a A* grade in Photography A Level, and now earns his living as a photographer.

This photo was taken on a trip to Wellington in his first year of studying photography at school. The camera is my old Pentax 35mm and the assignment included developing the film he shot — quite a challenge for a digital native!

This image represents for me the point at which his love of photography started to really shape my son’s life — his future.

This post was written for the Daily Post Photo Challenge. The theme is future.


DP Photo Challenge #2: seeing the future in the past

38 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge #2: seeing the future in the past

    • Thanks Raewyn. Photography and skateboarding have been his passions for so long. And that’s what got him the job he loves. He was only 17 when he applied, but he could produce a body of work that showed not only that he was competent, but that he had initiative and drive and lots of enthusiasm. I love that he comes home each day, and every day is a good one for him.


    • I kind of think we’ve grown together. His technical skills certainly got a boost from studying photography at school, but he’s always had a good eye for composition. Interestingly, my dad was a really keen (and good) photographer. He’s super proud of the grand-kid!

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      • I bet he is!!
        My youngest son took a photography course in high school and took beautiful photos. He had a very interesting eye for composition.
        Unfortunately he did nothing with it afterwards. Perhaps he will later in life πŸ™‚

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        • All learning is useful and we never know when we’ll need/use it again. The boy-child was quite a talented musician, but hasn’t picked up an instrument for several years. I hope that eventually he does begin to play again. If nothing else, I’ll feel better about all the money spent on lessons and all the time I spent driving him to them and waiting around listening to kids murder various instruments. πŸ™‚


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