DP Photo Challenge #3: 


Image: Su Leslie, 2016

“Garden as though you will live forever.” — William Kent

Gardening is both an act of faith in the future, and an investment in it. At a personal and a global level, we need plants to sustain life.

My little garden is flourishing right now and giving me enormous pleasure, as well as putting food on our table.


Image: Su Leslie, 2016

As the Big T and I plan our escape from the city, there is quite a lot of uncertainty about where we will g, but top of my wish list (along with high-speed Internet and a good local cafe) is space for gardens and maybe a little orchard.


Image: Su Leslie, 2016

It’s taken me a long time to grow a real connection with the food I eat, and the environment I inhabit. That is something I want to carry into my future.

This post was written for the Daily Post Photo Challenge. The theme is future.


13 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge #3: 

  1. Love that quote Su, plant an Oak, we are only caretakers. We should all be more responsible for our children futures. Good luck with your continued search, an Orchard sounds perfect.

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  2. Now this really struck a chord with me. For I do garden as though I will live forever- making changes all the time.
    It is a real tonic to see the green and growth of your garden and to know that this is a pastime which has now become part of your lifestyle. I like it!

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  3. I am so excited for you……a new start, a new life which will have at its heart, you and a garden. As you probably guessed, my garden is the starting point for my cooking and creativity. I think you are going to really enjoy this next chapter in your life.
    I loved the photo of the Thyme 😊

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