Recipe books, garlic, tomatoes and basil. Preparing to make Spanish Braised Chickpeas. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

Recipe, tick; ingredients, tick. Looking forward to dinner. Image: Su Leslie, 2016.

With the Big T working in Melbourne pretty much every week, and the boy-child electing to spend his evenings with friends, I’m doing a lot of “meals for one” at the moment. The bonus is that I get to cook stuff that doesn’t have to please anyone else’s palate. The downside is that I’m running out of ideas.

But an afternoon spent poring over some recipe books has provided plenty of inspiration.

Now I just have to remember to scale the recipes down, so I don’t drown in leftovers.

This post is written for the Daily Post Photo Challenge, which has as its theme dinnertime — and for Ailsa’s Travel Theme at Where’s My Backpack. The theme there this week, is books.


Will it be as good as it looks in the book?

32 thoughts on “Will it be as good as it looks in the book?

  1. I’m alone every night! I should get more creative but it’s always some variation of chicken and rice, beef and rice, chicken and pasta. All with broccoli lol. If I do cook something more interesting, I definitely freeze leftovers for work.

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    • I’m with you on the broccoli, unless there are Brussels sprouts in season. I’ve tried freezing leftovers, but somehow I never enjoy them as much. And no-one else ever looks in the freezer so we end up with lots of little plastic containers full of stuff that (even though I try to label), I’m never quite sure about. Next-day leftovers used to be wolfed down by the boy-child for breakfast or taken for lunch, but he’s in a can’t-get-out-of-bed in the morning phase, and barely has time to get dressed let alone organise breakfast and lunch!

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      • Oh I hear that. I am totally not in the mood to get up early at the moment. Have to start going to bed a lot earlier. You’re right, I do have leftovers in the freezer that I’ve forgotten about 😁


  2. “Been there, done that” as the saying goes. I love to look for/at recipes, even though I often don’t get to them all. My goal is to try a new recipe each week and sometimes I go over, sometimes miss completely. Enjoy your time and food.


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    • Hi Janet. I like the idea of trying something new once a week. I do tend to get into a cooking rut, but I’m trying to only buy what’s in season locally and use up the years worth of store-cupboard ingredients I have. I found five tins (seriously) of coconut milk in the pantry a couple of days ago. I think I’ll be having a lot of thai-style meals (soups maybe) in the near future πŸ™‚ Cheers, Su.

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