22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Hi Julie! I´m also very fond of the pictures by Julia Cameron 🙂 Did you know that the other photographers of that time dispised her for her technique? They couldn´t understand how she willingly let her pictures be out of focus!
      I´d guess, Su simply overexposed the picture here, but of course, I´m not sure:) Have a lovely day! Sarah

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      • Hi Sarah, are you in the UK, we went to the exhibition at the V and A. Yes, I read that – and she was a woman with great connections and some famous friends to photograph, maybe in that mans world, there was some jealousy too. You cant help but admire her drive.

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        • Hi Julie! I studied art history and concentrated on early photography that´s why I know a little about her. And you´re right, she really had some very famous friends, I love her portraits of Herschel, Tennyson and Darwin. Jealousy surely was the main part of the maliciousness. But I think it´s awesome that her work is now fully appreciated! She really was exceptionel!

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    • Julie and Sarah: I’m going to sound like such a cheat, especially in light of the discussion about Julia Cameron. I used Snapseed and Pixlr to “age” the shot. I’m so envious that you’ve both seen the V&A exhibition. It visited Sydney last year, and I missed it by a day 😦

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  1. I know,I am late but “” A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose …” it never loses its subtle scent and its appealing beauty.Beautiful rose and brilliantly quoted.You find quotes which are “YOU … “

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