Self-portrait taken in 1985. Image: Su Leslie

“If you had told me this time last year that I would feel like I do now, I wouldn’t have believed you.” Old-school selfie. Taken with Franka Solida 1. Image: Su Leslie, 1985


NZMM2016_jpg1985: six of us in a Grey Lynn flat. It’s in a block of four, and most of us have boy/girlfriends who stay over, so at any one time there can be up to thirty people resident. We’re mostly students, or in first jobs after university. Our flats face into a communal courtyard, so our existence is a very sociable one. There are parties most weekends, and we hang out together a lot.

My room is decorated with some seriously garish wallpaper, but that’s ok because I only really spend time there when it is dark. Except when I’m playing with the camera my dad has given me.

Musically it’s a great flat to be in. People with different tastes all sharing a single turntable.

One of the things we listen to is Netherworld Dancing ToysFor Today.


NZ Music Month: for today

9 thoughts on “NZ Music Month: for today

  1. I always love May with it’s focus on New Zealand music. I am doing a guest post on Talk About Pop Music, and I am comparing the number ones hits in England compared to New Zealand. It is interesting that some songs there never made it to us. We had some unique singers and songs – but the emphasis was always on overseas artists. Such a shame. This brings back the memores

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    • Interesting! We’re still arguing about quotas for NZ music, in a market that is — as you say — dominated by overseas artists. When the boy-child was in bands a few years ago, we got to listen to a huge number of young musicians just starting out. There is so much local talent. It’s really great watching some of those kids turn into professional musicians.


  2. 🙂 I only saw them live once and they were awesome. I think the arts generally are very strong here now. There are lots more venues, and some really good initiatives for young artists.

    My son was in bands for a few years through the School of Rock, which is really one man’s vision for mentoring young musicians. We heard some really impressive young musicians who are now starting to get recognition as professionals. My son told me yesterday that two boys from a band he was in when they were all in the third form are now a really successful bass duo, getting a lot critical acclaim here and in Aus. I’m listening to their single at the moment; Not really my thing, but funny cos I remember them as little boys!


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