Friday flip through the archives

"And I tell myself it's just a blue day. And it's hard to see it any other way ..." 'Blue Day', Colin Bayley & Murray Burns (1983). B&W shot of unmade bed. Image: Su Leslie, 2015.

“And I tell myself it’s just a blue day. And it’s hard to see it any other way …” Blue Day, Colin Bayley & Murray Burns (1983). Image: Su Leslie, 2015.


It’s 1984 and I’m in a state of metamorphosis. The life I’ve fallen into since leaving my parents’ home has become as constraining and ill-fitting as that which I originally fled.

I cut my hair very short and bleach it very blonde. I acquire a wardrobe of vintage clothes; oversize men’s shirts, pencil skirts and beaded cardigans.

I catch glimpses of an unfamiliar woman in the mirror and wonder why she doesn’t look happy. Some days the world beyond my bed is a void I’m afraid that I will fall into and become lost forever.

I listen to a lot of music. Sometimes it makes me feel better.


23 thoughts on “Friday flip through the archives

  1. Unfortunately, for some odd reason, the video is telling me that “I” can’t see this video!?? I’ll have to check my youtube account I guess. Nevertheless, I love your brilliant written description of – “your state of metamorphosis, of 1984.” It brings up a wonderful vivid vision. πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you Janet. I dip in and out of that state still; but am much better at noticing the slide sooner these days, and finding ways to help myself. Happy weekend. Su


  2. Intelligent,sensitive and sentimental people like you rarely avoid those “blue waves” in their lives.Nostalgia is tantalizing ofttime,but it has a sweet taste.Soulful and most emotive your confession dear Su,and the video just compelling!Take care my good friend and enjoy a dry weekend πŸ™‚

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