25 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: nice way to start his Saturday

          • We have a seaside house in Peloponnese,it’s our retreat during these very hot days.Although we live in Mount Penteli,in Athens,when there is a heat wave it is still hot.We have to be in the pool all day or in air-conditioned rooms … 😦

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          • That sounds idyllic. New Zealanders are good at being in denial that we get extremes of temperature, so our houses tend to be too cold in winter and too hot in summer … and as for pools. We gave up trying to put one in years ago when we realised how difficult (and expensive) it would be to get council approval.

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          • Eco architecture and the “clever house”,solves that sort of problems,we should all go green,I suppose.They design amazing houses which are cool in summer and warm in winter.There are many eco-friendly architects who work on those projects,let’s hope it will be the future architure worldwideAs for the approval of a pool here,you pay a certain amount of money to get the special licence and then,you have to pay exta taxes every year.But it’s nice though,water is a living organism,it has memory and it’s interesting to watch its reactions to all the weather conditions and to other environmental factors which affect its quality 🙂

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          • We couldn’t afford land in Auckland, and are very keen to make another NZ city our “centre of gravity.” We hope to buy rural land very close to whichever city we end up choosing and building a whole new life there. Watch this space … but not too often, because it’s taking us ages 🙂 xx

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          • Brilliant idea Su!Some rural land and not far from a city,where you can build your dream house.You never know,chances often come up from nowhere and you might find something earlier … 🙂 xxx

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