DP Photo # 1: pure love

Grandmother and grandchild. What love could be stronger or more pure? Image: Su Leslie, 1998.

Grandmother and grandchild. The boy-child with my mother. What love could be stronger or more pure? Image: Su Leslie, 1998.

Pure is this week’s theme for the Photo Challenge at the Daily Post. Check out other bloggers’ contributions here.

30 thoughts on “DP Photo # 1: pure love

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  2. Beautiful picture of unconditional love!! I´ve got one of my grandma and me on my desk – I´m looking rather grumpy ´cause I wanted to see the seals (we were at the zoo), but her smile is just so radiating and lovely…maybe I´ll post it… miss her so much.

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      • I think I will! It would be her birthday this saturday, and I´m planning to post something about her! Thank you for inspiring me, Su!! You always do 🙂
        Yours might not have shown her feelings so clearly, but I think people just were like that back then. My mom talks to me often of her grandparents, and they sound the same: strict and strong, but caring for their family in all possible ways. Wish you a great day, Su! 🙂 xoxo

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        • I think you are right Sarah. My gran was born in 1908 and I guess people just weren’t very demonstrative in those days. But she certainly showed her love in very practical ways, caring for a very large family and always finding time for us even when she was quite old. I’ll be looking out for your post. xx

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          • Thank you, Su! That´s eyactly the thing that sets us apart from the people of those earlier times, I think: they had much larger families to care for, without the technical conveniences like washing machines etc. Doing all that was practically the biggest love declaration possible! There´s a saying here that it´s better to judge a person by his/her deeds than by their words. I often see the truth in that. Planning the post for tomorrow! xoxo

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