Friday flip through the archive

Sunset, Muriwai Beach, Auckland, New Zealand. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

Sunset, Muriwai Beach, Auckland, New Zealand. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

I’m in need of soothing today, so my trip to the the archive is a search for tranquility.

Two of my neighbours are having building work done, which is kinda noisy in itself, even without the contractors’ loud music.

To add to the cacophony, my kitchen extractor fan is jammed on and the fridge has developed a new humming noise. I’ve tripped the circuit breaker on the extractor fan, but unfortunately that also turns off the kettle, toaster, stove and worst of all the coffee machine. But not the fridge!

Macro shot, purple impatiens flower with water droplet. Su Leslie, 2016

Impatiens flower. Image: Su Leslie, 2016

So I’m seeking refuge in quiet beauty and relaxing music.



28 thoughts on “Friday flip through the archive

  1. I thought a similar experience with construction noise decades ago had actually driven me mad … I kept hearing Ricky Ricardo over and above the hammering, sawing, shouting, etc. It turned out the contractor’s son was bringing a small television to work every day in the crawl space beneath the house, and was an I Love Lucy fan. Good luck on weathering whatever sounds come your way!

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  2. Wonderful pictures, Su!!! And I do share your feelings about the constructor noise! I´m also suffering from it right now!! The neighbours are just in the process to having smashed their bathroom into pieces and the noise is unbelievable! It really drives me mad. And when it has stopped for the day, my other neighbour is busy letting me share with his awful taste in music and turning on the bass so everything sounds like BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! It really take´s one´s last nerv!

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    • Lovely! I have never really planted flowers before. My gardening focus has always been on food plants, but I’m beginning to realise how important flowers are to attract bees — and how nice it is to have colour, scent and some extra beauty in the garden.

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  3. I should have visited your blog on Friday. I decided to work from home and forgot that was the day that a construction company would come to fix a leakage, and some other issues that were created as a result of it.
    I was not only distracted but irritated with the noise.
    The images are magic! The sunset is my preference.

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    • I always think of that too, but I have an older memory of school camp and each hut being asked to perform “an item” in the evening. Our hut sang ‘Both Sides Now’ with me on guitar. If it weren’t for the (extremely heavy) mists of nostalgia for a nice time in my life, I’d be grinding my teeth at the thought of four 12 year old girls committing an act of musical massacre. But you’ve reminded me I haven’t watched Love Actually for a few months. Time to hunt out the DVD!

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