Friday flip through the archives … (almost) a thousand thank yous

photo 1

Taking a photo I’m proud of makes me happy. Photo: Su Leslie, 2015

An odd sort of symmetry

I noticed yesterday that ZimmerBitch has 999 followers; so when I found this post in my archive search, it seemed appropriate for re-blogging. My sentiments — and my thanks — are as heart-felt now as then. And my love of photography has just grown. Along, I hope, with my skills.

Happy Friday to you all.



This little message popped up in my feed last night and I’m pretty chuffed!

ZimmerBitch started out last September as a bit of a giggle – a side-project from my family history blog Shaking the Tree. I wrote a couple of posts then forgot about it until earlier this year.

But thanks to you – visitors, readers, likers and comment-leavers – ZimmerBitch has become really important to me. It’s become my space to think through and get feedback on issues that matter to me (like learning to parent my teenage son). Your generosity in reading my musings and offering thoughtful, funny and helpful comments is humbling.

And – quite unexpectedly – ZimmerBitch has re-awoken my interest in photography. The weekly challenges posed by The Daily Post, Lens and Pens By Sally, Where’s my Backpack and A Word in Your Ear have all inspired me to dust off…

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25 thoughts on “Friday flip through the archives … (almost) a thousand thank yous

    • Thanks so much Tish. I’ve enjoyed meeting you, and I so love exploring your part of the world through your photos. Much Wenlock has become a sort of ‘ideal-type’ English village in my eyes — though I know that reality is never as rosy.

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  1. Come on – we need uno mas for the thousand mark! Or U might be there right now!
    Well congrats and love the photo – perfect for this milestone as the photo shows reflection, refraction, beauty, and growth!

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    • Thank you. You know that Sod’s law will kick in and I won’t get the elusive 1000th for ages. Or I’ll lose some. It’s interesting that in the beginning, I got quite excited by the numbers. Now blogging is so much more about being part of a community that I don’t notice the stats much. The comments and support and advice — and humour — of you all is what keeps me blogging. Happy weekend.

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      • I hear ya Su! And not sure if you remember me from my old blog (prior house) but we once shared about skateboarding and the breaking bad swimming pool that was skated on – and I REALLY enjoyed that “skate topic” sharing at the time – and some of this community sharing really sticks with us in special ways!

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        • I remember! My boy-child is still a skater, but doesn’t do much filming any more. He works as a photographer and still shoots stills as a hobby but I don’t think he has time for film-making so much. So glad we’re back in touch in the blogosphere. People do disappear and I kinda wonder where they have gone, so it is always great to make contact again. 🙂

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