13 thoughts on “Friday flip through the archives: ain’t no use in tryin?

  1. Well you hooked me in to go and read more – because I laughed at how the mom was assumed to have “read books” and chilled – ha!
    I just saw a young couple and their child is 2
    – they also have a dog and well i could see how busy and tired they were and it reminded me about how some of my most tired seasons with those toddler days-
    Going to read now….

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    • 😃 I don’t think there is any tiredness quite like that which comes from been a full-time career. My son was a terrible sleeper for the first couple of years, and for a very long time after that, if I did hear him cry out in the night (and he remains a sleep-talker to this day so it still happens) my stomach would clench and I’d get a mini-anxiety attack just at the memory of those sleepless years.

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      • Oh wow – and you really described it well.
        I remember one night – with two not so little ones – but years of running those long days (with many naps – but still…) and Su – my little one was not feeling well and it was maybe 2 am and I could not open one eye – I was that tired – and I actually thought about getting toothpicks to see if they would work – ha!
        And once I remember when it was one of those extra fire nights and I asked my hubs if we could “draw straws” to see who would go.
        We actually needed up laughing almost immediately and still once in awhile get a good chuckle – because it was so random – like where did that idea come from (an old job or a movie or s story???) and then funny how it came from a sleep mode…..

        Oh wow the tired days are so real….. And sorry about any panic attacks…..

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    • Now I’m curious: why / how? When I travelled on the Mersey ferry (Wallasey to Liverpool, England) years ago they played (unsurprisingly, but without irony) “Ferry Cross the Mersey” by Jerry and the Pacemakers as the boat pulled into Liverpool docks. I’m trying to image a similar situation here …. 🙂


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