Friday fip through the archive: ten correct answers to pub quiz questions about me

Written three years ago; I’d have to add as favourite films Brief Encounter and Love, Actually.

And I’m wondering if I should revive ’10 things Tuesday’?


The first freesias in my garden; picked September 1, 2013

I’ve worked as a  copywriter on and off for about 25 years; or about half my life writing in my clients’ voices. The consequence is that I rather lost my own.

Blogging is one of the ways I’m recovering my voice, and while I believe it should come through in all my writing, I also thought it would be fun to share some stuff more directly. So here’s the beginning of 10 Things Tuesday; loves, hates, secrets, desires – whatever takes my fancy and I think you might be interested in.

On the assumption…

that one day I’ll be incredibly famous and my life will come up in a pub quiz or trivia game, here are the correct answers to 10 questions that might be asked.

  1. My favourite flowers are freesias, though lilies come a pretty close second.
  2. I…

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9 thoughts on “Friday fip through the archive: ten correct answers to pub quiz questions about me

  1. You inspired me to try and remember the Andrea Bocelli song I always wanted used at my memorial (or big Going Out of Business celebration, as I like to think of it.) Romanza speaks to my soul and I would want someone bellowing In Italian about the tragedy of my passing. I’m fairly sure I’m more likely to get a pop ballad, if my family had to guess.

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    • 🙂 Wise move. My mother-in-law died at the weekend and the planning of her funeral is testing the siblings’ patience of each other to breaking point. It’s amazing how each of us knew a different woman, and how one person’s “it’s what she would have wanted” statement is anathema to other family members. It’s proving to be a valuable in lesson in the importance of planning — and clear communication.

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