20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Me too, and I hardly ever do it any more. I used to make clothes back when NZ was a more closed market and you could guarantee that if you wore a new, bought dress out somewhere, someone else would be wearing the exact same one. Happened to me so many times with a favourite dress I hardly wore it in the end. These days I confine my efforts to cushion covers, blinds, some craft stuff and now a messenger bag (hopefully). I sew like I do most things — with great enthusiasm and cheer and a bit less skill and attention to detail. 🙂

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      • Ah – I know exactly what you mean with getting annoyed by seeing your dress worn by someone else! Although Berlin does offer so many different clothes shops etc, it´s quite difficult to stay unique 😉 Just living through this special kind of hell (Dante totally left out that one 😉 ) where I´m walking everyday through the streets and see my favourite bag at least 200 times a day!! I bought it (a rucksack from Fjällraven) six years ago, simply because it had the perfect size (not too big) and was extremely light. And I swear, I was the only one wearing it at the time! But in the last year or two it seems just about everyone is buying it too!!! Now I try to switch to another but it´s hard, because I really love this one! Probably I will have to stay this out and hope this mania will cease… 😉
        That´s where sewing your own things comes in really handy, doesn´t it? 😉 But like you, I´m too thrilled with the experience to give the right amount of attention to my creations 😉 But it´s so much fun, so who cares? 😉

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        • I would change clothes to avoid being the same as everyone else, but I’m not sure I’d give up a favourite bag. Finding the right bag is harder than finding a partner or hairdresser — and at least as important. Hopefully everyone else will move onto a new fashion and you can enjoy your rucksack in peace 😃

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